We are Kathryn McMann Consultancy (KMC) a digital marketing boutique agency, and our marketing mission is simple- we make marketing and digital communications effective, creative and strategic.

Our expert-led thinking is rooted in key principles, wide-ranging in resources and offering sound solutions to help innovate old ideas. 

With over 17 years  of marketing expertise, we utilise the right processes and provide you with the tools to create that supernova campaign where you can connect with your audience and customers strategically. 

We work directly with you to transform your campaign into a success- with no hidden fees, jumbled jargon or skyrocket prices. Our simplified approach offers a high-quality marketing solution that allows you to meet your business goals and performance metrics effectively.

ABOUT Kathryn McMann

Kathyrn McMann is the Director of KMC and CEO of Think King. She is a marketing and communications specialist, consultant and trainer.

With over 17 years of marketing experience, her capabilities extend to transforming brands, reaching new audiences and achieving marketing objectives holistically. 

Her extensive experience spans across various industries such as e-Commerce, the public sector, high-end leisure, finance, creative and cultural industries to the publishing and healthcare sector where she has implemented a range of successful campaigns. 

Kathryn is a Freeman of the City of Glasgow alongside the likes of Nelson Mandela and Billy Connolly. She was also awarded an honorary Colonel of Kentucky (alongside the likes of Colonel Stephen Fry) for her charitable and entrepreneurial endeavours in the creative and cultural Industry. 

Kathryn has recently become an Enterprise Advisor for East Surrey College and John Ruskin College through   Coast2Capital

ABOUT Think King

The Think King brand is a subsidiary company of Kathryn McMann Consultancy Ltd.

The Think King brand offers exclusive live digital marketing training online courses. They TEACH, TRAIN and TRANSFORM your understanding of how marketing works. 

The Think King courses are artfully designed not just to tell you what to do. They explain the HOW and WHY of marketing, giving you and your businesses the autonomy to make better decisions for your business.

Think King training logo

The Team

Kathryn McMann Consultancy has a team of specialists and niche companies to call on when a project requires it, meaning our clients receive agency-wide services without the agency prices. This way, campaigns are centrally-managed with resources set out and agreed from the on-set. An un-agency if you like.

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