Develop your thought leadership today through the Think King Training Partnership.

Becoming a certified Think King Training Partner allows you to benefit from our high quality, expert-led and innovative online digital marketing training.

With so many courses to choose from Think King’s courses offer the student the ability to curate their own courses; an instant solution to providing tailored services which adds value to your service mix and improves your product range.

Whether you’re a training organisation or an agency, you can benefit from the following:

  • Excellent Reputation: With over 19 years of marketing expertise, along with years of developing and perfecting processes and developing successful campaigns, as a partner, you will benefit from the reputational excellence of the KMC brand. Don’t just take my word for it- you can read the testimonials here.
  • Vast Resources: We offer a vast range of resources such as downloadable, templates, guides and training materials to help manage the student onboarding processes, trainers and lessons. You can then carry these through to offer clients as an added bonus. 
  • Practical Rates: For corporate and commercial partners, we offer competitive and practical rates at a profitable margin.
  • Ease and Expertise: Due to our expertise and high level of integration, we offer an overview of organised services to help manage everything from material through to providing expert trainers to onboarding students. We can show you how it’s done or deliver it on your behalf. 
  • Support: We offer feedback, detailed instructions and ongoing communication to express how to conduct the marketing training.

How to become a training partner

We offer an exclusive license to deliver Think King’s expertly crafted training as part of your product or service mix as well as access to our vast resources, our network of experienced marketing trainers. 

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