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Brand Blueprint download template

Brand Blueprint template A brand name and reputation is crucial to make a business stand out among its competitors. By using my Brand Blueprint workbook you will be able to refine and hone the essence of what makes your brand unique to ensure your customers understand your value and what it is you do in

Digital Calender and Time Plan

Digital Marketing Calender and Time Plan template This Digital Marketing Strategy and Time Plan template will help you develop a concrete plan that you can follow to the letter. It prompts questions that colleagues and decision-makers will ask or will need to know. It includes 3 separate worksheets for strategic planning (with reasoning/objective, KPIs, timing,

Quick-fire marketing plan

Quick-Fire Digital Marketing Strategy Never go forth without a good plan, and always get it down on paper. Download my Quick-Fire Digital Marketing Strategy table template. Print it, write on it, pin it up on your wall, refer to it daily. It is a simple strategy template that will help you get your initial structure down,

Digital Marketing Comparison table tool

Marketing Comparison Table Traditional marketing used to be much more static than marketing is today. This is because digital has made it faster to act, react, and gather data to then adopt a strategy. Marketing activity used to work in silos, have separate departments and separate teams that only came together when ‘looking’ at the

Digital Marketing Acronyms

Marketing Acronyms The marketing industry loves acronyms but it can get very confusing if they are not second nature to you. Do you know the difference between UX, CX, CTA, ROI and CRO? This Marketing Acronyms document explains commonly used abbreviations, acronyms and the traditional SWOT and PEST analysis.Does it really matter? Unfortunately yes. Despite

Digital Marketing Budget template

Digital Marketing Budget Marketing campaigns are built and dissolved by the power of its budgets.  With so much data available companies of all sizes can track the success of their channels and marketing mediums but when it comes to budgets it becomes a little harder to set, particularly when you don’t know how much you

Marketing campaign strategy checklist

Marketing Campaign Strategy Checklist The Marketing Strategy Campaign Checklist is a list of what to include when writing your a Campaign strategy. It outlines your reasoning, campaign boundaries, limitations, and how it can be delivered. The document needs to be clear, succinct and not too long, so all stakeholders know what the focus is, timing

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