Having a GoogleMyBusiness listing literally gets you on the map (Google Map). GoogleMyBusiness gives you the opportunity to show happy customer reviews, timely posts, event listings, direct messaging, and direct contact details all shown via your business’s knowledge graph. These all contribute to lead nurturing, direct sales, and customer clickthrough rate to your site. But to have a listing you need to Verify your address/location. This does mean putting the main location online and receiving mail there. However, not everyone wants their home address or storage location public on the internet. 

Fortunately, there is a way you can have GoogleMyBusiness listing and still be listed on Google Maps without publically showing your exact location. 

This is perfect for consultants, independent plumbers and coaches, for example, anyone who uses their home address or offers virtual services but doesn’t want to have a business address miles away and wants to reach customers nearby.

Verifying your address is beneficial for your business because it has a positive impact on your technical and offsite SEO, as well as supports your social media activity and a wider strategy. By verifying your business you are showing it’s a real and credible business. This supports Google’s reputation as a reliable library resource. It also increases your Location Authority. 

Location Authority is the power behind helping your business get found in Google’s local search results and on Google Maps. The more Location Authority you have, the higher your business listing will rank in search results for your main location. 

You can connect your GoogleMyBusiness to Google Console and Google Analytics, making for a more rounded experience for the user as well as an additional increase in your SEO ranking. 

And it’s free. What all that and it’s free?! With Google being the number one Global search engine, it just makes sense to be on it.

So how do you show up, and get verified without your address being made public?

How to hide your address on GMB

  1. Log in to GoogleMyBusiness. You will need to use a Gmail Account to log in. 
  2. Go to the Info tab
  3. Select ‘I deliver goods services to my customers’ option.
  4. Put in your address (This will not show up in public.)
  5. Click Verify Business. You will receive a postcard with a 4-digit code within 2-weeks (maximum).
  6. Once you receive the code, log back in, click Verify and add the code.
  7. Go to the Info tab. Pick the location section. Click ‘Cancel’. This will clear your address. Click Apply. This will save your empty address.
  8. Go to the section below within the Info tab – ‘Service Areas’. Choose the areas you want to be connected to and can service/reach.
  9. Click ‘Apply’.


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