Social Media Marketing

This 7-hour course explores the best practice and key building blocks to innovating your brand awareness, reaching new customers, and managing customer service through using social media. Have you ever wondered how businesses and personas use social media to build reputable platforms and reach the right audiences? Through this course, you too can learn and improve your brand awareness as well as showcase your product and services and drive traffic to your site all while achieving good customer experience.

Duration : 7 hours


£ 750.00




In this course, you will learn and develop the right skills for social media marketing campaigns. This includes:

  • Overview of Platforms: A detailed overview of the purpose and functionality of the most popular platforms and how to build successful and targeted campaigns on these platforms.
  • Social Media Strategy and Tools: The right strategies and tools to make social media specific to your business and audiences.
  • Social Media Communications: How to communicate with your audience using social media and the platforms to use to connect with your customers as well as the tools creating engaging and targeted content for your audience.


This course is for anyone willing to develop practical experience of using social media successfully ranging from businesses to professionals and anyone in between this spectrum.



Please note that you are required to have your own social media accounts to fully engage with the contents of this course. Whilst, this course is intermediate., it is expected that you have an understanding and awareness of social media but if you do not, you will be supported to learn.



  • Exclusive access to downloadable resources such as templates and checklists
  • Dedicated support and guidance tailored to you and your business throughout the course.
  • A certificate of completion showcasing your achievement throughout the course.
  • Access to plans and processes for you to use to complement and complete your strategy

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