Investing in your teams potential results in greater satisfaction and engaged workforce, as well in-house knowledge meaning your team is better equipped to implement and adapt to a constantly evolving market. 

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and creating technical terms that can over complicate unnecessarily. ​All of my training courses are designed to explain complicated concepts in tangible, easily digestible ways with real-world examples. Understanding why something is done, as well as how, gives the ownership back to the client and decision-maker. 


Intensives are 3 hour training and workshops that have a singular focused topic. £350 p/per.

In-house or Bespoke training workshops

In-house or Bespoke training workshops are built with your companies goals as the focus. These could a combination of the Intensives workshops, or the Think King single or module courses

Think King Training

Bite-size, live online digital training, in a lean-learning format, for every situation.

White-label training

White-label training can be developed and delivered on behalf of an agencies or other company.

Intensives Training Workshops - £350 p/person. £600 for 2 session

£350 p/person. 2 hour-intensive £600. 2 same-day sessions £550.  Min 4p/per Intensive. (Min 3 people if In-house plus 20% saving.) 
Intensives have a singular focus and are part-learning and part- practical, workshops. 

  • Social Media: Beginners Guide. What it does and how it works 
  • Social Media: Refreshers Guide
  • Understanding the Primary platforms and their capabilities
  • Social for Design
  • Social for Events
  • Social for Charities
  • Content Creation for Cross-Platform Storytelling
  • Creating your own Social Strategy
  • Simple SEO: Why it works
  • Simple SEO: What to do for your business
  • Keyword Research: Build your own list
  • User-Experience Design: Made Simple
  • Successful Sales with all the return and half the effort

In-House and Bespoke Training

Arm your team with the knowledge and know-how to design and drive regular campaigns in-house. This gives them greater control and a sense of autonomy meaning greater productivity which equals greater engagement and team buy-in.

Bespoke Training is customised and aligned to your businesses goals and needs. We can start with a specific goal or tailor the content from one of the courses from Think King or the Intensives courses.

Training can be online and fit in with your teams schedule, so they don’t return to a mountain of emails. They will receive all material and recordings of the session to refer to. Or we can run it in-house (when government guidelines allow it) or at an original location near your teams commute. The latter offers fresh space for fresh thinking without too much daily disruption.

White label digital training

White-Label Training

White-label training can be designed and led on behalf of PR, digital and communications agencies, as an external marketing arm as part of  team.​ 
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