Create Your Own Keyword List

In this one-hour course we go through step by step keyword list creation, and the tools to help you create and hone your own keyword list for all of your targeting and hashtags. 
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1 hour


Marketing Strategy


Beginner to Intermediate


Certificate of Completion

About the Course

Keywords sit within each aspect of a marketing strategy. It’s crucial to have yours nailed down but there are so many aspects to think about it’s hard to know where to start. In this one-hour course we go through the simple steps to creating your own keyword list that will be suitable for all of your marketing activity and landing pages. We look at top industry tools you can use, competitor research tools, and learn what actions to take and when and where to put them across your marketing mix.

What you will learn
Course Structure 
What you get
Who is it for?
Through this training you will learn the following:

  • The simple steps by step process to creating your own keyword list that you can revisit time and again.
  • How to use keywords strategically to boost your online presence
  • What tools are available, how to use them and which ones are worth investing in.
  • How to measure your competitor's keywords, whether to use them or use them to your advantage.
  • You will have the beginnings of a keyword list for any marketing activity.
  • A range of keyword tools to use.B2B and B2C case studies and examples
  • Up-to-the-minute tools and trends
  • Recording of the lessons to watch-again
  • PDF of the course material
  • Support and guidance throughout the live course
  • A certificate of completion showcasing your achievement

This course is ideal for: 

This course is ideal for small business beginners to intermediate digital professionals and marketers, who want to revise and refresh their approach to their current keyword strategy. It is also a great accompaniment to the social media and content marketing Think King courses for CEO’s and business owners who are looking for an objective approach to reviving and connecting their integrated campaigns.


This course is ideal for beginners starting but will also help advanced keyword users.

Duration of Course

   1 hour session.

Times of course

  • 10-11am GMT - Ideal for UK and European countries time-zones. 
  • 12-1pm GMT - Ideal for UK and European countries time-zones. 
  • 5-6pm GMT. - Ideal for the UK and the US time-zones. 

See course dates for set times. 
times to suit your schedule

Upcoming Courses Dates

Meet the Trainer

Kathryn McMann

Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer and founder of Think King Institute, and Kathryn McMann Consultancy Ltd.
Kathryn McMann has been 'in the business' for over 20 years. Her extensive experience spans across a huge range of industries from e-Commerce, tech, to the public sector, where she has implemented a range of successful campaigns. Kathryn has a holistic and practical approach to digital marketing- seeing each component as part of a whole campaign. She understands what works, what’s wasteful, and what will benefit a campaign now, later or never. Clients include: Panasonic, The British Library & UAL. 

what past attendees thought

Student Reviews

 Hear what past students have said

Well presented. Lots of great material and a truly holistic approach to digital marketing communications. Loved it!
Jose sanchez
I really enjoyed the training. It filled in the gaps in my knowledge and gave me lots of valuable websites/apps to use in the future.
Having attended many courses and conferences on digital marketing over the years, this stands head and shoulders above the rest.


What if I am unable to attend one of the sessions/days. How do I catch up? 

Once you have registered to attend, you will be able to watch a recording of the live class 30minutes after it has finished, at a time that suits you. 

What are the course time slots available? 

Weekdays: 10am-12pm / 12-1pm / 5-7pm
Weekends: 10am-12pm

All times are based on GMT/BST. Check dates for the times of the course, and check your time-zone. The times will be the same throughout each course. 

What will I need for the course?

For each lesson you will need headphones with a mic, pen and paper to take notes, and either a computer, tablet or mobile to attend the class. On confirmation of your place you will be able to login to access the live course feed and any accompanying material.

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